Need Advice? Don’t Forget to Ask God…

When I need advice, I usually jump straight to my human sources and forget to ask God! Fortunately, today was different. I was in a quandary and *did* stop to ask God… with quite wonderful results.

Being Fearless #fiveonefreedom

How amazing would life be if we could be free from fear? We can!!! Not that we’ll never *feel* fear… but we *can* overcome it.

Let’s Get Real! #fiveonefreedom

#FreedomFriday becomes #fiveonefreedom – and we’re kicking it off with an “am I seriously doing this?!” dose of freedom. Time to #getreal!!!

Be Content, Not Complacent

This #FreedomFriday is a 3 minute dose of Truth about being content, not complacent. Let’s follow Paul’s example!

We Have Resurrection Power!

Jesus promised the Spirit would come… we have access to resurrection power, 24/7! But are we tapped into the source? Living in the power of the Spirit brings true freedom!

When Defeat Brings Greater Victory

Sometimes things are not what they appear. When Jesus died, it seemed like the enemy won… but His resurrection was the ultimate triumph! Let’s look at how this principle played out for Lazarus, Martha & Mary… and be encouraged!

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